Last year of school!

I can’t believe that I’m going to be graduating in about 10 months. Last year, being a junior I knew I still had 2 long years before graduating, forgetting that time flies. I was a junior few months ago and now I’m a senior and I’m not ready to graduate this soon.

As a senior this year I’m really excited to attend as many school events as possible, bond with friends, and carnival. I want to attend as many school events so that I don’t regret it in the future. Bonding with friends is one of the things I’m most excited about because after graduating we all will be on our own paths. We will meet in the future for sure, but we don’t know after how many years will we see each others faces again. I am looking forward to spend a lot of my time with my class especially as carnival is approaching soon. I’m very excited about carnival because I know during carnival preparations we all will be able to communicate with each other and bond well.

My goals this year is to make memories with majority of my class. I want to be able to have good memories with my classmates that I will cherish my entire life. Even with college application, capstone, and AP classes I want to make this year worth it. I just want to just tell myself that I’m not going to be in school for too long.  I only have few months to relish every day of school.



  1. I find a lot that I can relate to on your blog, especially the fact that time flies by so fast and that you’re not ready to graduate. I also agree with you on making great memories in the last year of school too. I really enjoy reading your blog too. Great job!



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