Culture & Morality

There are various different cultures around the world. I believe that our morals are based on our own culture. We are born with an innate sense of what’s right or wrong. Our culture does shape our sense of right and wrong. For example, I would say killing animals is wrong because my culture has shaped me to think that way,  but on the other hand other cultures think it’s alright to kill animals. I believe that animals are just like us and they should have a right to live, but from an another culture’s perspective it might not be that way. I personally won’t judge them or their culture because I think it’s wrong to judge a different culture.

I think it’s not appropriate to say values of other cultures are immoral because if someone is following those values/traditions there’s a reason behind it. Let’s take the same example of killing animals, for other cultures it’s normal to kill animals because it maybe controls the earth’s population of animals. There are many possible reasons to why people follow what they follow. I wouldn’t say any practices of other cultures are immoral, but if my culture is against that tradition I wouldn’t follow it.

Yes, I  have experienced cross-culture in my life. Indian culture we join our hands together and do sort of the “wai”, but for French people they “kiss on the cheek” as a way of greeting. Also, in Indian culture men and women won’t usually shake hands when they meet they only do the “wai”. For example, my mom and my uncle they will not shake hands instead they  “wai” to each other.

Lastly, in “The Good Earth” we see that Wang Lung cheating on O Lan wasn’t immoral, but according to my culture this is immoral and will not be tolerated. There are definitely many differences between Chinese culture and our culture today.



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