Rumi Poem Analysis


People want you to be happy.

Don’t keep serving them your pain!

If you could untie your wings

and free your soul of jealousy,

you and everyone around you

would fly up like doves

Rumi was a very famous poet who wrote variety of love and mystical poems. One of the many love poem he wrote is the poem above. The poem above has nothing to do with doves, but doves are just a sign of freedom and happiness. This poem by Rumi is basically telling us if we can let go of jealousy in our heart we can experience happiness and we can make others happy. Rumi’s poetry are really creative and deep. I noticed he makes several connections with nature. He uses nature in many of him love poems. One figurative language used in this poem is simile where he says “Free your souls of jealousy … you would fly up like doves.”

#Bullying By:Me

You make people sad,

Don’t call anyone names, or make fun of them!

Stop bullying your classmates

and spend quality time with them.

This way everyone around you

will be friends with you, and love you!

I wrote my poem similarly how Rumi wrote Doves. I wrote about bullying because just like how if we free ourselves from jealousy we can experience happiness. If bullying doesn’t happen at schools or outside schools everyone can experience happiness. Also the last two lines in Rumi’s poem above tells how if we free our souls from jealousy everyone can fly like doves. I said if we stop bullying, everyone will be friends with you and love you. I really loved the style he wrote Dove in and which is why I chose to write it in a similar style.



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