Rebellious Teens !

Teenage is that time in your life when you start observing your surroundings and you try to fit in. You just want to explore and try things you have never done before. I feel like teenage years is when you start thinking about yourself, and don’t care what other’s say. I think we all are rebellious at some point because let’s face the truth we are a bunch of curious human beings.

When we were kids we had no idea what was happening around us because we weren’t old enough (obviously!). When we do come into our teen years our parents start sharing a lot of things with us because they think we should be aware. I remember my parents telling me how to save money when I was like 13 because I used to spend a lot of money buying unnecessary items. They thought I needed to start realizing that money is very precious, and hard to make. But guess what? I still spent a lot of money even after my parents had the “money talk” with me. Slowly, I start to realize what my parents said was actually true because when I went out I saw people begging, people sweating selling in the sun and a lot of other things people were doing to get money. That’s what made me realize and it scared me a little, but today I’m a bit more careful when spending money.

Teenage rebellion is completely unavoidable! Even if your parents say this isn’t right, you will still do that because you think it’s right. The more boundaries your parents add the more rebellious you will get. I feel like if parents are strict on certain rules, but the kid wants to try they would lie about it. I feel like parents should add few boundaries but not too much that your child starts lying to you. Rebelling isn’t wrong, but being honest with your parents, peers is important. We shouldn’t go too far.