Nationalism can be both good and bad, it depends on how the leaders lead the country. Good because nationalism in a country can unite the citizens, but it becomes bad when there’s violence.

I think nationalism as pride and unity but seeing how it can cause wars kind of makes me think as there’s no use of pride or unity if everything becomes a mess. Hitler makes me want to think nationalism is bad, he killed a million Jews for what? Not only Hitler, but there are countries who are biased towards other races or nationalities.

Even though countries are working together to show strong unity, they do somewhere discriminate. Some countries discriminate to the level of violence –> war. People just love their own country so much that they don’t really seem to care about any other countries. For example, there are several countries who look at a Muslim and think they are terrorists. You can’t really generalize the whole nation based on one group or the past.

I think nationalism is an important element for a nation and it is good as long as it doesn’t exceed the limit. By exceeding the limit I mean as long as no other group/nation is being hurt by your actions or words.


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