Holocaust Survivor : Iby Knill

Iby Knill grew up in an educated family, she went to a German school and was excluded because she was Jewish. Back then Jewish people were not allowed to sit in public transport and were always the last to be served at shops. Also Jewish students were not allowed to study after age 16. Iby was also forced to wear a yellow star but she covered it with her scarf.

Iby’s family was forced out of their apartment, which was assigned to a German family. Her family was given a very small house where she had to sleep in the kitchen.

One day, she received a call for volunteer nurses to go with a slave labor. She didn’t know if it was real or fake, she had to risk it. This was when the war was going bad for Germans. In the dying stages of the war, Iby and some other women were taken on  a forced march to Bergen Belsen. People who were lagging behind were shot. Iby had an infection on her hip and her friends carried her or else she wouldn’t have been able to survive. After a stay in hospital she got a job as a translator for the Military Govt. She then got married, had kids, and a successful career.

The friendship between her and her friends is what made this story powerful and memorable. She had hip infection, and knowing that her friends decided to carry her and run so she doesn’t get shot. If she didn’t have her friends helping her in this situation she might have not been able to make it. They even saw American tanks, and they were finally liberated on Easter Sunday in 1945.


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