The Power of HOPE


In the novel, Nectar in a Sievehope was one of the main focus throughout the novel. Throughout the novel hope was seen variety of times especially through Rukmani and Nathan. Rukmani has always had hope in harvesting, she sold vegetables so that her family could fulfill their daily necessities. Rukmani was all for her family, she wanted her daughter to get married and her sons to help her with harvest. Rukmani only wants her family happy in the future, and this was most important for Rukmani. But life isn’t really that easy, everyone faces struggles in their lives. Rukmani’s struggle arose when she didn’t have money to pay for the  rent, she convinced the owner and tried to do whatever she could. She sold almost everything at her home and used that money to pay for half of the rent. At least she had hope and didn’t give up. Her main hope was that the harvest will help save money that they can use to pay the rent/debts.

Personal Opinion

In my opinion, having hope can allow us to move towards our goal. If we don’t have any hope we are most likely to give up and not accomplish our goals. I feel like having hope builds up the confidence in us to do whatever we can to reach our goals. Even if your future is uncertain, having hope can build strength and allow you to be confident in yourself. I think you need hope to truly reach your goal. I think hope can be either good or bad because it depends on the person and their intentions. Hope doesn’t necessary has to work all the time, it’s not always reliable. Relying heavily on hope can be dangerous.