Final Thoughts…

After all the presentations and discussions the problem I found very complex is poverty and struggles of the people facing poverty. In both the books, poverty was a common theme and the struggles were clearly shown. I was just thinking how can we even solve such problem and I realized it’s just the way our society is made. I feel like even if we want to try to solve the problem of poverty, it’s almost impossible to find a long-term solution to this complex issue. To me, poverty is really important because almost half of Earth’s population is facing poverty today. Not only that, poverty can also cause prostitution, separation from family, no job, no good education etc.

Society should definitely change the way they address the problem of poverty because poverty today is increasing. If a problem is increasing it means we aren’t taking the right steps we should be taking. In a world of selfish people this problem seems impossible to fix, but talking and discussing about it definitely made me think of the struggles faced by people who don’t have opportunities like we do. Also, in our discussion we discussed about how the rich takes advantage of the poor knowingly. They know it will be really hard for the poor person and yet they still cheat them just for their benefits. This really upsets me because we know there are people who take advantage of the poor knowing that they don’t have any other option.

This has really inspired me to change the way I think about our society. People are really selfish and they can go to any extent for their own benefits. I’m more aware of the struggles people in poverty face.