Damage and Healing

Sense of Morality and Poverty  were the damages I chose for the last project.

These damages were definitely healed through forgiveness especially in Book III. In Book III, James and Stephen forgave each other for the better of their country. I personally think that past is gone but we can still improve our future if we work together. Stephen Kumalo did realize that forgiving will be helpful, as they can then work together for the better of the country. Even though Stephen’s son killed Arthur, James still forgave him and helped Stephen’s community. Msimangu once mentioned that he doesn’t see power and money as a solution, but he thinks when black and white man think for the good of the country is what can heal the damages of the country.

One solution for poverty was when the boy came on the horse that Stephen recognized. He lived with James and he was interested in learning Zulu, and through this connection Stephen got milk from James. This was one of the solution and also James and Stephen forgiving each other for whatever happened. Stephen went against his customs to write a letter to James when his wife passed away. Because of this his community was being helped.

In our damaged world, forgiving might not always work because it depends on the situation. Some people tend to be more forgiving than others, but I feel like somewhere throughout our lives we are taught to be forgiving. As shown in the book, how forgiveness ended up being beneficial. I’m not sure how realistic the solution of forgiveness can be in the world today, as everyone has their own self- respect. I would encourage people to start forgiving each other. ūüôā


Internal Damage

The sense of morality is an internal damage portrayed through the main character in the book,¬†Cry, the Beloved Country¬†by Alan Paton. ¬†Stephen Kumalo (protagonist) travelled to Johannesburg in search for Gertrude, his sister (who was ill), and Absalom, his son. Kumalo goes on this difficult journey just to find¬† his sister and his son. He finds his sister and later finds out that Absalom has murdered Arthur Jarvis. Knowing his son has killed an innocent person, Kumalo still finds Absalom a lawyer to defend his case. This is where Kumalo is morally damaged. Was defending his son for a crime the right thing to do or not?¬† No matter what Absalom did, Kumalo still loves him and he probably wouldn’t want to destroy his relationship with Absalom.

It can be difficult to understand what’s right or wrong sometimes.¬† Many times in my¬† life I don’t know what is the right thing to do and what is not! I have made a lot of mistakes throughout my whole life, and so have all of you. We aren’t made to be perfect.¬†To me, one thing that means a lot to me are friendships/relationships. I don’t like to break my friendship with anyone easily, it’s really hard for me to just turn against someone who I have known for majority of my life. I would have definitely did what Kumalo did for his son. I can’t just leave someone hanging on their own when they really need me.

Personal Story: One of my friends from my former school¬† was really close to me, he would share everything with me and I would too. It was just like we instantly clicked and we both have pretty similar personalities as well. Few years later, when I had to move back to Bangkok, I was not ready to leave my best friend because he meant so much to me, but harsh reality I had to move back. I then thought he would never talk to me, but surprisingly we still kept in touch. Later, I found out that he had a crush on one of our classmate and he told me about it. I was like go ahead and express your feelings. He did, and they dated for about 4 months, when I found out he just played with that girl’s feelings (don’t want to be specific). I was so heartbroken to hear my best friend played with this girl’s feelings. I was shocked and didn’t talk to him for sometime, but he kept texting me over and over. I couldn’t keep myself from talking to him and I just supported him even though he was completely wrong on his part. I didn’t know what to do because I can’t just leave him all on his own. I knew he needed someone to support him and I was his only support. This was one of the time I felt like I couldn’t help, but support my friend even though his actions were completely wrong.

My story relates to Kumalo’s story because we both didn’t know what to do and we ended up supporting someone who was wrong. Kumalo seemed to care about his relationship with Absalom. Similarly, I didn’t want to break my bond with my best friend. I wouldn’t say what Kumalo and I did was wrong, I know we chose to support someone who has done a “crime”, but it’s better than just leaving them on their own.